Magic is Happening...

Caspar Craven's inspiring book about creating change in your life was released in the US in March and he's been touring the States, from New York to San Francisco and various points in between, spreading the message!

I'm delighted to say that today, having seen international contacts at London Book Fair this week, as I write to people with updates I see that the book is #1 in New Releases on Boating on, in the top 50 in Family Travel and in the top 100 in all Sailing titles. And this, as Caspar would say, is just the beginning...

Here's some of the latest coverage - and a wonderful story from Caspar that I have to share:

Chicago’s WGN Morning News 6-minute TV interview

New York Post – ‘freedom from the pressures of modern life saved his marriage, and transformed his relationship with his kids’:

Soundings magazine – 4-page interview (also shared online by Sail magazine and others) – ‘If you’re not ready to change your life, don’t read it’

Dov Baron leadership podcast – ‘How asking “Is this all there is?” transforms business’

Twist Travel magazine - "It makes you question, in a good way, if you really are living your life to its fullest potential"

Successful Dropout Podcast – ‘This was one of the most fascinating interviews I think I’ve ever done. Caspar blew my mind and compelled me to set new standards for myself, my family and my business’

The Boat Galley – ‘a wonderful tale of a family who created a dream and made it come true’

To come: Forbes, CNN, KPMG alumni magazine.

AND… a story from Caspar in New York:

Michael owns a wine bar in New York.
I stopped in here last week to meet a friend.
I got chatting to Michael.
He asked what was the book I had with me.
I explained [it was my book, WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS].
He then got rather animated.
He’d read about us in the feature that the New York Post had run the week before.
He’d gone home to his wife that evening and they started talking about possibilities for their life together. What they wanted to do. How they wanted life to be different.
Nothing to do with sailing.
All about taking charge of your life and living by choice.
He called me The Disruptor.
This is exactly what I had in mind.
Disrupt people and share the blueprint that worked for us.
I love that I’m disrupting people in a good way 
Getting them to ask big questions.
Having fun in America. Disrupting one person at a time.


  1. J Congratulions on this huge success largely down your great work as agent and editor. Congratulations also to Caspar for producing the story. P.