Where the Magic Happens - Caspar Craven

In June 2009, Caspar Craven and his wife Nichola decided to sail around the world with their very young children. Most people thought they were crazy. Maybe they were. They didn't have a boat. They didn't have the money to go sailing around the world for two years. Nichola had only been sailing twice. How would homeschooling work? They were way beyond their comfort zone.

But they made a decision, and they set a deadline. They spent five years on planning – the vision, the excitement, the agonising decisions, the seemingly adventure-stopping obstacles. Then two years of living their dream – the magical and the scary, enjoying life and learning as a family. By the time they set off, their children were aged 9, 7 and 2.

This wasn't just an adventure. This was about a family changing the way they lived. And having completed the circumnavigation with his family, Caspar now inspires businesses and individuals to make their own transformations - and make their own magic happen. 

Here's his fantastic showreel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1w1KIFu3GE 
The book will be published by Bloomsbury US and UK in spring 2018.

The Craven Family in Tobago Cays


Jacques Filippi, who runs the House of Crime and Mystery in Canada, writes:

Hearts of Stone is Brad Smith at the top of his game, a novel about greed and desperation that leads to cold-blooded violence but with a humanity and sensitivity that will emerge from the darkness; Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood mixed with Daniel Woodrell’s Winter’s Bone.

Brad Smith masters the cadence of his multi-layered story that he permeates in an atmosphere of raw emotions. He especially excels at developing true characters like Carl Burns, the main protagonist, a man of few words who presents to the world an external quietness while his internal force drives him.

I am so much looking forward to reading the next book in the series that I intend to drop everything else when I have it. Brad Smith is Canada’s master of country noir.