The Sting of the Wasp - Yianni Xiros

The Sting of the Wasp: A fast-paced mystery that brings the past to life in modern Athens (A Panos Akritas Mystery) by [Xiros, Yianni]

Athens is without doubt an ancient wonder, but the twenty-first century is not treating it well, as Panos Akritas can testify.

In a nation besieged by economic collapse, corruption and uncertainty, even at the highest levels of society, Panos is among the few good cops left to manage the fallout. And when a serial killer, apparently fixed on murdering elderly men, takes to the streets, it seems that Panos and his police force colleagues have yet another type of disaster to deal with.

Panos, however, soon realises that this particular crime spree is far from straightforward, and the ensuing investigation shows him the dark underbelly of Greek society, revealing a hidden underworld with its roots buried deep in the history of modern Greece. 

As its crimes come ever closer to Panos Akritas himself, and touch upon those he loves, it seems that he must fight or be overwhelmed — but this time, has he come up against an enemy too powerful to beat?

With a thrilling story, meticulous attention to detail and a cast of memorable characters, The Sting of the Wasp is a fast-paced, compelling novel that will appeal to lovers of crime fiction, Grecophiles and modern history fans alike.

'With Sting of the Wasp, set in the mean streets of a profoundly troubled and gritty modern Athens, Yianni Xiros has created a character, the detective Panos Akritas, who will go straight into the annals of crime fiction.' - Jack Todd, author of Sun Going Down   

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