A great start to 2015 for the agency

Exciting things have been happening - it's been a great start to 2015 for the agency!

Midlife Manifesto : A toolkit to plan the rest of your life - Jane Mathews
Firstly, we have not one, not two, but three international deals for Jane Curry Publishing titles. MIDLIFE MANIFESTO: A Toolkit to Plan the Rest of Your Life by Jane Mathews has sold in the US and Korea, and parenting book TALK LESS, LISTEN MORE by Michael Hawton has sold in China.

Next up, we have found a very enthusiastic North American publisher for Ants Bolingbroke-Kent's book A SHORT RIDE IN THE JUNGLE, which this week reached the number one spot in Asia and motorcycles on Amazon in the UK.

And in the UK, Eye Books are preparing for publication of JUNKIE BUDDHA by Diane Esguerra, about the death of her son from a heroin overdose and her journey to scatter his ashes at Machu Picchu. Sandie Shaw, the singer, psychotherapist and Buddhist says it is 'an inspiring and uplifting book about finding infinite value in profound loss'. The book is due to be out in late summer.

What else? Samantha Verant's book SEVEN LETTERS FROM PARIS has now been sold by her US publisher Sourcebooks into Italy and Greece to add to the growing list of countries captivated by the love story, which has just been launched in Bulgarian with this beautiful cover...

Ian 'Mod' Moore will be performing at the Bradford Literature Festival. Author Tony Parsons says his latest book C'EST MODNIFIQUE is 'easily the best Englishman abroad memoir since Gerald Durrell was in short trousers'.

Finally, we've started working with a new co-agent in Spain, to add to our co-agents in Germany, Korea, Italy and China.

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